Manhasset Alumni Profiles No. 9: Lindsey Ronbeck, Class of 2015


Ryan Chung, Editor-in-Chief

Despite being an outstanding athlete and student, Lindsey Ronbeck proves that there is more to being an outstanding person than simply having talent through her incredible humility.
Lindsey’s journey to the top of the ladder as a lacrosse player began in Manhasset High School. As a junior, she won her first state championship on the lacrosse team, which was a close game by the end of the second half when the Manhasset team was down by 7. Nevertheless, she claims that she had complete faith in Coach Gallagher, a sense of trust that would help her succeed in the future. The following year, she did not cease to impress her coaches and herself. Although she had been on the Varsity field hockey team since freshman year, she had been a goalie and had been given very little play time. Moving to a field position allowed her to prove herself and earn a starting position. By experiencing both the feelings of sitting on the bench and standing on the field as a starter, Lindsey said that she has become a more self-motivated athlete and team player.
As a lacrosse player at the University of Florida, Lindsey quickly rose to become one of the top players at the college level. However, when asked about how she feels about being at that level of play, she responded, “I always remind myself that there is someone better than me, or working harder than me, or putting in the extra work when I am not. This has contributed to my success and how I got to that level, I’ve always had this mentality. I think it keeps me humble and hungry to elevate my game.” It is no surprise that she continues to hold her skills and reputation. She said that the University of Florida was the perfect fit for her because of the intensity of her practices and the dedication of her coaches and medical staff. She claims that being the best involves all 12 players and that her teammates, who have also become her closest friends, make this possible. She and her teammates are preparing for the final four national championship games and hope to win the national championship, but would like to take it one game at a time. Additionally, her goal over the summer is the coach lacrosse and inspire young girls as a senior in lacrosse as well as in life.
Moving from New York to Florida was a change in lifestyle that she did not mind. With a beautiful campus and nice weather throughout the year, it is difficult to find fault in the University of Florida. The one difficult transition, Lindsey claims, was the academic one. As if being a top athlete wasn’t difficult enough, the University of Florida’s amazing academic reputation pushes students, especially student athletes, through a busy schedule. However, Lindsey said that she would not change anything about her life in Florida because she wants to carry the lessons that she learned through her struggles to her career after college.

Her final remarks were, “I think the memories I have made in Manhasset makes it so special to me. You experience a lot of firsts in high school and the friends I experienced those firsts with makes it more memorable. Manhasset will always be my home wherever I end up later in life and I can’t wait to bring my family there when I’m older and tell them all about high school. If I could give one piece of advice to any high school student that will read this is, enjoy every moment about your time in Manhasset, because there is no better feeling than coming back home for the first time after you get to college and seeing your family and friends and reminiscing about the times you had in high school and how simple it was.”