Manhasset Alumni Profiles No. 8: Stephanie Ying, Class of 2014


Ryan Chung, Editor-in-Chief

To most of us high school students, college seems to be the final destination, but Stephanie Ying and her accomplishments attest to the opportunities that are offered to those who apply and devote themselves to their interests beyond the college level.
As a high schooler, Stephanie said that her involvement in various school activities served as stepping stones to her life in college. Through fencing, she learned how to be part of a team and how to better lead those around her. In addition, she claims Manhasset’s science research program helped her foster her love of scientific inquiry, particularly in the fields of biology and medicine.
With regard to her adjustment and life at Harvard, Stephanie said that Boston has provided her with many opportunities, one of which was the proper environment in which she could excel in academic studies and extracurricular pursuits. On the subject of achievements, it is important to note that Stephanie was selected to be part of the highly prestigious FlexMed program this year. The FlexMed program is an early-assurance program for admissions into the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Applicants to this program are sophomores in college. The purpose of this early commitment is to give undergraduate students the ability to pursue subjects that may not be part of the traditional “pre-med” path, but could still be invaluable to a future career in medicine. In addition to the impressive opportunities and achievements she has been able to capitalize on, she is especially grateful for her school in that she is surrounded by equally brilliant peers and friends. She said that these relationships help her “broaden her horizons” both academically and in her personal life.
While she is incredibly content with her life in Boston, Stephanie claims that Manhasset still has a charm of its own and that she is reminded of the supportive high school experience that she was given. To that end, she advises all of us to pursue our true interest, take advantage of any opportunities that we are given, and enjoy the atmosphere that we are fortunate enough to have in Manhasset.