Election Update June 2016

With the California Primary just days away, the candidates for the 2016 presidential race are gearing up for the general election.
Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, has been approaching these last few weeks since Ted Cruz dropped out of the race with his usual inflammatory remarks. His latest target was the news media as he hurled insults at various reporters at a New York press conference. Trump is having a difficult time uniting the Republican party, with tensions only rising as the Republican National Convention grows closer.
As a result of this, many people are turning to the Libertarian Party, whose nominee, Gary Johnson, is picking up steam from those who don’t like Trump or Clinton. While it is unlikely that a Libertarian candidate could win the general election, Johnson could gain enough votes (15%) to be included in a main stage debate with the other nominees.
Finally, on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is very close to obtaining the Democratic nomination. However, Bernie Sanders has recently pointed out flaws in the voting process and stirring up more tension between his campaign and the Democratic establishment, raising issues with super delegates and even endorsing the opposing candidate to the current chair of the Democratic National Committee. Although it is extremely unlikely that he will get the nomination, Sanders plans to take his campaign and his issues to the Democratic National Convention in July.