Does Mike Wazowski wink or blink?

Bryce Thalheimer and Andrew Comerford

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Does Mike Wazowski wink or blink? This is a controversial question that was posed by a Reddit user on 11/2/16, and many people are unsure whether the fictional one-eyed character from Monsters Inc. and Monsters University winks or blinks. In order to understand whether he winks or blinks, we must examine the definitions of these two words.

Blink (verb): to open and close the eye or eyes, usually rapidly and repeatedlyImage result for cornea

According to the definition, one does not have to use two eyes in order to perform this task. Since it only requires one eye, Mike Wazowski clearly has the capability to blink, which he often does. In fact, blinking is an involuntary tasked performed in order to clean the cornea, which is the outermost part of an eye. In conclusion, Mike Wazowski does in fact blink.

Wink (verb): to open and close one eye quickly, typically as a signal

According to the definition, winking only requires one eye to be performed. This means that blinking is a form of winking, since it involves the opening and closing of at least one eye. Although blinking can be referred to as winking, people generally use the term “winking” when talking about intentional blinking, whereas people use the term “blinking” when it is involuntary. To conclude, Mike Wazowski also winks.

Mike Wazowski blinks and winks. After examining both terms, it can be concluded that Mike Wazowski both blinks and winks.