Cubs win World Series; Defeat Indians in Game 7!

Alexander Hom


After 108 years without winning a World Series, the Chicago Cubs have come out victorious over the Cleveland Indians. This marked the first time the Cubs had their chance in a World Series since 1945 as well. After having their hopes dashed by the New York Mets last year in the National League Championship, the Cubs were anxious to come back to the playoffs this year and make the World Series. They had to overcome being down 3-2 in the series facing elimination in two straight games before winning the championship. After winning decisively against the Indians in Game 6 by a score of 9-3, the series was tied at three with the next game being the decider of the series.
At the Indians’ Progressive Ballpark, the intense game began at 8 PM on November 2nd with Corey Kluber of the Indians facing Kyle Hendricks of the Cubs in the pitching matchup. It became clear within the first few innings that everything was on the line for both teams as both teams went through many of their starters throughout the game. Throughout the game, runs were traded back and forth between both teams. By the time the ninth inning came around, the score was tied at 6 with stakes higher than ever before. Both teams went through the ninth inning without scoring which resulted in the game going into extra innings. In the top of the tenth inning, Ben Zobrist of the Cubs hit an RBI double and Miguel Montero hit an RBI single to give the Cubs an 8-6 lead. At this moment, the Indians would be forced to score two runs or more to keep the game going or to win in the bottom of the tenth inning. Rajai Davis of the Indians was able to hit an RBI single to bring the score to 8-7, but the Indians were ultimately unsuccessful in tying the score up with the Cubs coming out victorious after 10 innings of intense play. This marked the end of the longest streak between World Series wins for a major league baseball team.