Top Holiday Vacations

Kelsey Corwen

The holidays are upon us again, and this relieving break calls for time to relax with family and friends. For some Manhasset students it means an escape to the sun, while for others it means hitting the ski slopes.

Sophomore Alex Petras will be spending her time in Barbados, the eastern Caribbean island. This island is wonderful for spending time with the family and relaxing on the white sand beaches. Snow boots can be substituted for sandals, as December in Barbados reaches highs of 84 degrees Fahrenheit. “Traveling with my family is definitely the highlight of Christmas. Nothing beats time on the beach with the ones you love.”

For another warm location, sophomore Paige Accurso is traveling to Cabo San Lucas over holiday break. Cabo, an exclusive destination, at the southern tip of the Mexico’s Baja California, is known for its white beaches, clear waters and amazing arching stone cliffs. “Cabo seems like the perfect place for me and my 4 siblings to bond while getting a tan!” Boating next to dolphins and spouting jet-skiing, banana-boating, parasailing, snorkeling, kitesurfing, diving and horseback-riding can all be found just by walking down to the beach.

Dipping south, Junior Kate Scharfenberger will be traveling to the Cayman Islands. These islands are known for stingrays and snorkeling. “The highlight of the trip will definitely be snorkeling, although nerve racking at first, I can’t wait to conquer my fear!”

For a change of scenery, sophomore Tommy Sylvia has gone each year to Okemo Mountain in Vermont. Located just over four hours from Manhasset, Okemo is perfect for family vacations and contains large amounts of snow. The mountain has over 120 trails and many fun activities including a roller coaster, ice skating and tubing. “Okemo is something I look forward to each year. During the day I ski with all my cousins, and at night we have big family dinners and go snowmobiling. By the end of the day everyone’s exhausted.”

For a more unique trip, middle-schooler Grace Corwen will be traveling to Panama. Here, she will visit the famous Panama Canal and travel to a resort where she will surf, snorkel and fish. Panama provides a vast amount of culture, for it contains a rainforest, volcanoes, a city, a pacific ocean beach and a Caribbean ocean beach. “It’s always fun to try different things and I can’t wait for what this adventure holds!”

If you prefer to stay local, sophomore Kayla Minutillo will be spending the week in New York City. The city is full of activities during the holiday season. The famous Rockefeller Center Tree is lit along with the famous department store windows. The city bustles with life, and although just a train ride away, it still feels like a vacation.  “My family plans on spending the night at a nice hotel and viewing the city as tourists; it’s not something that we get to do everyday!”

So whether it’s hitting the slopes, bronzing on the beach, or encountering new adventures, the holidays are times to cherish.