Thanksgiving Travel Options

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The long Thanksgiving weekend is coming up and it’s time to start thinking of places to celebrate this holiday. Even though we’re only off from school for four days, there’s still plenty to do in those 96 hours. Three great places to visit are Boston, New York City, and Rhode Island. All three of these places are just a car ride away from Manhasset.
Boston is like a small version of New York City. A plus is that it’s definitely easier to navigate around. For those of you who like to think ahead, Thanksgiving break would be the perfect opportunity to visit colleges. Boston is home to at least sixty different colleges that are just miles away from each other. For the people who just want to relax and not do much, the mall at Copley Place is a great option. Almost every single store and restaurant that you can think of is in this gigantic mall. There are high-end stores and ones that are more affordable so there are places that fit everyone’s liking. This mall is so huge that you can literally spend the entire day here and still not walk into every single store you had wanted to visit. A question that may’ve come to mind is a hotel to stay in. The great thing about this mall is that there are hotels attached to the mall. One of the more popular ones is the Marriott, which is known for its delicious food and spacious rooms. Even better, you can get a perfect view of the city of Boston right from your hotel window. A trip to Boston should definitely be considered for Thanksgiving break!
A fantastic place to go for the long four-day weekend is Manhattan, the city that never sleeps. The great thing about the Big Apple is that if you don’t want to sit in traffic, you can take a thirty minute train ride that’ll bring you right to Penn Station. Once you arrive in New York City, there are countless activities that you can engage in. If you’re the kind of person who likes to shop, you can make your way to Fifth Avenue and Times Square. If you want to do a more sightseeing based trip, you can take scenic walks in Central Park and maybe even see a well-known Broadway Show. Also, having a decent meal in New York City won’t be a problem. Every single block you turn, you’ll find countless famous restaurants that will blow your mind. Make sure to book your trip to this diverse city! It will without a doubt be enjoyable.
A place not too far from Long Island to visit is Providence, Rhode Island. This place is known to be home to the famous Ivy League, Brown University. While you’re there, you’ll definitely have to make a stop to take a tour of the beautiful campus! The “college town” of Brown is a nice strip of restaurants and stores; it even has a movie theater! If you want to veer off from campus, you can go to the Providence Mall and go on a mini shopping spree. It’ll definitely be worthwhile! If you’re looking for a place to go that’s nothing like New York, Rhode Island is the place to go.
After reading about three intriguing places to visit, it should be pretty easy to decide which one is right up your alley. No matter which place you pick, it’ll be an enjoyable trip and memorable. You better start booking your trip before it’s too late!