Yankees Hottest Team in the MLB Now

Adam Xiao, Senior National/School Sports Editor

The New York Yankees beat the Cleveland Indians 5 – 2 for their 14th win in their last 15 games. No other team in the MLB has more than 9 wins in that span. This is the first 14-1 stretch for the Yankees since their 1998 114-win season.

There are two really impressive things that stand out from the Yanks’ 14-1 stretch. First, they completed this 14-1 stretch in 15 days. They had no off-days in between these 15 games. Second, the Yanks beat good teams. These 14 wins include a four-game sweep of the Minnesota Twins, three-game sweep of the Los Angeles Angels, three wins in four games against the Houston Astros, and wins in the first two games against the Cleveland Indians.

The Yankees sat 7.5 games behind the Boston Red Sox at the start of the Yankees’ 14-1 stretch. Now the Yankees are only 0.5 games behind Boston. Keep in mind that the Red Sox started the season 17-2, literally the best start in their franchise’s history.

By the way, the Yankees and Red Sox start a three-game series on Tuesday.

The winner of that series will most likely be on top of the AL East.