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Winter Olympics Begin This Week

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Later this week, on February 8th, the Winter Olympics Games in PyeongChang, South Korea will commence. This marks the second Olympics being held in Korea following the 1988 Summer Olympics that were held in Seoul. This years Olympics will include 92 nations competing for medals in 102 events. During the event, over 2900 athletes will be participating with people coming from around the world to catch a glimpse at the event. Of this, there are 242 American athletes that will be competing this year. This includes several world-renowned athletes such as Shaun White in snowboarding and Linsey Vonn in alpine skiing. At this years edition, Ecuador, Eritrea, Kosovo, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Singapore are expected to make their Winter Olympic debut.

While this event is expected to be an exciting time around the world, there have also been several concerns and controversies regarding this year’s Olympics. Many people have expressed concerns over security with the proximity of PyeongChang to North Korea. It is important to note that North Korea and the host nation, South Korea are still technically at war from the Korean War that began in 1950. Even through this, however, the two Koreas have decided to unify under one Olympic team this year, a rare occasion for two nations that are generally hostile towards each other. As a result of this, some team events include a combination of North and South Korean athletes such as their hockey team. This decision to combine teams has been controversial, but overall has been accepted by the general population of the world as a sign of progress.

With the Olympics beginning in a few days, it allows many nations throughout the world to come together and compete for the pride of their nation. It allows countries to put aside their differences temporarily and serves to show us how connected the world really is. We wish all athletes luck at this year’s Winter Olympics!

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Winter Olympics Begin This Week