Who won in this trade – the Giants or the Browns?

Brendan Conniff

Odell Beckham Jr., a wide receiver and three-time pro bowler, has been part of the NY Giants franchise for the span of his whole career until recently when he was traded to the Cleveland Browns.  In this trade, the Giants got the Browns’ first and third round draft picks in this year’s draft, along with safety Jabrill Peppers. Agreeing with popular opinion, the Browns came out on top with this trade.


The Giants recently extended Odell’s contract to 5 years and $90 million dollars. This was a huge contract to be granted to a wide receiver. While the Giants have seemingly been trying to rebuild for the last five years, it is clear that the Giants have begun rebuilding after trading Damon Harrison, Olivier Vernon, and letting Landon Collins walk in free agency. All three of these players are monsters on defense, however, in my opinion, they all were overpaid, thus hurting the Giants in free agency. The Giants’ biggest problem has been its offensive line and they have finally shown some signs of improving it by signing Nate Solder and drafting Will Hernandez, using Olivier Vernon to acquire all-pro offensive lineman Kevin Ziegler. The Giants are deep when it comes to defense, so granting Rookie of the Year Saquon Barkley a good offensive line could be the first steps in a successful rebuild. Their next step should be to find the replacement for the 37-year-old, two-time super bowl winning quarterback, Eli Manning.


For the Browns, adding Odell Beckham Jr. to an already loaded offensive unit was a great move. Their offense consists of rookie sensations Baker Mayfield, the starting quarterback, and Nick Chubb, the starting running back.  Jarvis Landry, a four-time pro bowl wide receiver, was traded to the Browns last year and also joining the Browns for the first time this year is Kareem Hunt, who has recently been suspended for the first eight games of the season, however, he is still arguably a top five running back in the league. The Browns are locked and loaded, now with the acquisition of Odell, and are legit super bowl contenders. It is wild to think that a team that went 0-16 two years ago can turn it around and become super bowl contenders.


Ultimately, I think that the Browns won the trade only because Odell led the Giants offense, who did not get nearly what Odell was worth. However, while the Browns have their eyes on the present, the Giants are looking ahead and are preparing for the future and that was what this trade accomplished for them.