Top Sports Moments of 2016

Luke Bakshandeh, Contributing Writer

Even though 2016 had its rough moments, it was a great year for sports. Here are the Top Sports Moments of 2016. (Listed in chronological order)

  1. Peyton Manning Wins the Super Bowl in his final season in the NFL

Even though Peyton Manning was not the usual superb quarterback we are accustomed to seeing, he was still able to ride his way to a Super Bowl win. Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers were overwhelming favorites to win the Super Bowl after their incredible 15-1 regular season. However, Peyton rode his record breaking defense throughout the season en route to a Super Bowl win.

  1. Kris Jenkins Buzzer-Beater To Win The National Title

A moment every kid had dreamed of; hitting a buzzer-beater to win a game. But this was no ordinary game. This was the National Championship game. With around 2 seconds left on the clock, Kris Jenkins rose up and knocked down an incredible 3 point shot to give Villanova the national title over North Carolina. This shot literally redefined the meaning of “March Madness.”

  1. Colin Kaepernick takes a knee during the national anthem

In a year that consisted of many tragedies/controversies, Colin Kaepernick took a stand to speak and make a statement on issues across America. Colin Kaepernick took a knee before every game during the NFL season to show his disgust for the problems occurring across the United States. This provoked other NFL stars and athletes to stand up for what they believe in and use their position in society to affect change.

  1.  LeBron James and “The Block”Image result for lebron james block

If you are an NBA fan, you have heard about “The Block” where Lebron James, in a game-saving effort in the NBA finals, came out of nowhere and blocked Andre Iguodala en route to a Cleveland Cavaliers NBA championship. If you are a Warriors fan, this moment is one that you probably have tried to block out of your mind. This was the first championship for Cleveland in any major sport in almost 50 years and without “The Block” and Kyrie Irving’s clutch 3-pointer, Cleveland would still have been in that drought.

  1. The Cubs finally win the World Series

Arguably the best sports moment in 2016 was the Cubs winning the World Series. It had been a 108-year long drought plaguing Cubs fans from any enjoyment. After the Cubs beat the Indians in Game 7 of the World Series, all the memories of mishaps and mistakes throughout the years were wiped away.