Should Zion Williamson sit out and prepare for the NBA draft?


Luke Bakshandeh, Senior School News Editor

All across the basketball world, people are in awe with the rare talent and sheer athleticism Zion Williamson brings to the floor night in and night out. After Zion got injured in the last game vs UNC basketball fans all across the globe have raised the question: Should Zion sit out for the rest of the year?  In terms of the pros for this situation, sitting out would allow Zion to heal his knee and avoid the risk of re-injuring himself and hurting his draft stock. However, sitting out could be seen two teams as Zion being uninterested and not a team player, as he is only in it for himself. This doesn’t only apply to the Zion situation, as we saw last year top prospect Michael Porter Junior had an injury to his lower back and did not play until March Madness where he was clearly still injured.  Once considered the top prospect in the 2018 NBA draft, Porter suffered the consequences from playing in March Madness. Due to Porter playing poorly in the NCAA March Madness tournament, Porter fell to number 13 and was drafted by the Denver Nuggets.  This situation alone should scare Zion and the people that are helping him make his decisions as if he returned he could possibly risk falling as far as Michael Porter did.  Therefore,  Zion should sit out the rest of the year as the risk of re-injuring himself playing for Duke and trying to win a national championship could seriously hamper Zion’s future.  We all see how talented Zion is with his incredible dunks and amazing ability to block any shot and be a presence everywhere on the court. However, Zion playing at 70% and not showing his true potential could seriously change where he gets drafted.  Zion slips from his projected number one spot to the number three spot he would lose around $1.7 million per year on his base salary for his rookie contract.  Mortgaging his future for a season that won’t really affect him is foolish which is why Zion should sit out the rest of the year.