Manhasset Girls’ Soccer

Deme Apostolou

This past week, Manhasset Girls’ Varsity Soccer finished yet another successful season.  Coming into this season apprehensive of how well they would do due to the fact that they graduated a strong class of seniors this past spring, the girls were able to make it to the county semifinals.

Defying expectations, the seniors and juniors were able to rise to the occasion and step up their game for this new year.  The leadership of captains Casey Roszko, Erin Trotta and Kendall Sims was crucial to their success this season. They were able to facilitate a strong bond between all of the players and friendships that went even past the field.  This team’s chemistry is evident in their performance in games, with their trust in one another and their support of each other during the tougher times.

Despite a rough start to the season, the girls were able to turn it around with some additions to the varsity squad and some changes in strategy.  A secret weapon through it all was Coach Keen, whose leadership was a key factor in their success. Coach Keen’s dedication to the team really shined through this season when his newest daughter was born a day before the big quarterfinal game, and he was still able to lead the team to victory.  

In an interview with captain Kendall Sims, she remembers the quarterfinal game as one of her favorite parts of the season, describing the cheers of her classmates in the stands as fun and motivational.  The Manhasset junior also explained that she is “so proud of everything this team has accomplished over the years having made it to the semi-finals of the counties 3 years in a row. For my fourth season I would love to make it even further and we need people to step up and fill the roles of the graduating seniors.”  Having been on the varsity team since her freshman year, she has seen its growth over the years. Sims says she can’t wait to see the new talent that’s coming up and looks forward to a great final year on the team next year.