Manhasset Girls Basketball

Deme Apostolou

This winter has been a good season for Manhasset sports across the boards.  Specifically, the girls’ basketball teams have been doing exceptionally well this season.  Starting off with a tough tryouts week back at the beginning of November, these elite squads have really been putting in the effort.  The team can be found practicing six days a week, spending long nights in the gym, studying film in the classrooms and even team bonding at pasta parties and on the weekends.  With most having already played together in years past, the camaraderie between the girls on and off the court could be a major component in their success this season.

The varsity team is coached by Manhasset’s very own Lauren Sadeh, our sophomore health teacher, and Christina Marra, a math teacher who is also in the building.  With the help of captains Elizabeth Kim and Caroline Kelly, the coaches execute on game day with their intense attitudes and game-winning plays. The girls are currently undefeated in league games and 15-1 overall, leaving them in first place in the conference.  Even though the points scored are spread out between most of the 13 girls on the team, the team’s leading scorer is freshman guard Emma LoPinto who averages 14.8 points per game with her perfection of the three-point shot. With four freshman and two sophomores, the team has potential for years to come.  

Alongside varsity, the JV girls, led by Coach Mary Lepore, are also having a successful season.  The girls are currently undefeated with a record of 16-0. The team’s leadership consists of sophomore captains Alexandra Petras and Kendall Sims, who can be found leading the girls in stretches and pre-game huddles on a daily basis. In games, the girls seem effortless in their execution, beating most of the other teams by upwards of fifteen points.  

Both teams have faced some minor issues with a couple of players getting injured throughout the long season, but they have still been able to pull through in the end.  With only three regular-season games left for both teams, you can catch starting varsity point guard Maria Themelis’ sick playlist on during warm-ups and maybe even hear junior forwards Kelly Trotta and Cara Kurkjian sing the national anthem.  So… come out to support the successful girls’ teams as they finish strong. And hopefully even see varsity continue their winning streak in playoffs!!