Raptors Advance to the Eastern Conference Finals

Luke Bakshandeh

As Kawhi Leonard’s last-second shot bounced on and off the rim, the fate of the series was in disarray. However, after multiple bounces, it finally went in, and the savior Kawhi Leonard had punched a ticket to Milwaukee for the Raptors to square off against the Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals with a trip to the NBA finals in reach. Kawhi Leonard led the Raptors with 41 points, including his incredible game-winning buzzer beater while Marc Gasol added 11 rebounds and Kyle Lowry dished out 6 assists. Coming off the bench, Serge Ibaka was a force with 17 points and some impressive defensive stops. For Philadelphia, this marks the second consecutive year of a disappointing finish to their season with a second-round exit. Joel Embiid chipped in 21 points, but he failed to lead the 76ers when it really mattered.

Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals begins on Wednesday featuring the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors, and it is projected to be an extremely entertaining series. Let’s hope the hype lives up and the NBA playoff madness continues!