Peyton Manning sells Denver-area Papa John’s Pizza Shops

Adam Xiao, Senior National/School Sports Editor

Peyton Manning, the retired NFL quarterback and Papa John’s pizza spokesman, sold his stake in 31 different Papa John’s pizza locations around Denver two days before the NFL and the pizza chain ended their partnership at the end of February.

Manning’s stake in these pizza shops was part of a six-year joint venture with Papa John’s International.

Manning, however, will still appear in the pizza chain’s TV commercials.

“Peyton remains an official Papa John’s spokesperson and brand ambassador as part of his long-term agreement with the brand,” Peter Collins, a spokesman for Papa John’s, said in a statement to Denver’s FOX 31.

Just two days after Manning’s sell-off, Papa John’s competitor Pizza Hut became the NFL’s official pizza sponsor.

The league’s deal with Pizza Hut is for four years and is worth more than the Papa John’s deal.



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