New Rules For 2019 NBA Lottery

Luke Bakshandeh, Senior School News Editor


The changes that will be implemented for the 2019 Draft and Lottery will make this draft and future drafts unlike any of the previous drafts. In September 2017, the NBA Board of Governors approved changes to the NBA’s current lottery format. These changes are that the league’s worst three teams now given identical odds to win the lottery, each of their odds at 14%. Previously, the top three teams had 25, 19.9, and 15.6 percent, respectively. In addition, four teams instead of three will be part of the final lottery draw. This allows more teams to get a higher pick than anticipated while also allowing the teams with the best odds to fall further than projected. These changes were implemented to hopefully disincentivize teams from “tanking” or trying to have a really bad record to have a high draft pick and acquire a future star, or multiple stars as the Philadelphia 76ers “process” showed us, and making the NBA’s top and bottom tier teams more competitive. In the 2019 NBA draft in June 2019, and in future drafts, we will see if the new changes do in fact take away “tanking”.