Manhasset Track on the Rise

Bryce Thalheimer

Manhasset’s track team has slowly been on the rise these past few seasons, but with significant progress made in the recent few months due to numerous athletes breaking new records and creating new milestones. Both the boy’s team and girl’s team have athletes who have create new school records with their amazing performances.

On the girl’s side, Angeline Caamano was setting new recordsĀ even though she is only in eighth grade. She had amazing performances in the 1000m with a time of 3:00, which is the fastest time for her age group in the country. She also set another national and school record in the 1500m with a time of 4:49. There will probably be many more records set by Caamano throughout her high school career.

On the boy’s side, five athletes qualified for the national meet- seniors Justin Blanche and Sean Bentley, and juniors Aidan Caggiano, Ryan Watson, and Jack Cyprus. Caggiano and Watson qualified for the 1500m, Blanche qualified for the 1000m, Cyprus qualified for the 1600m, and Bentley qualified for the 800m. All of these athletes had tremendous performances, which included a few school records being broken. The boys set a new 4x800m record with a time of 8:04, and Caggiano set a new 3200m record with a time of 9:24.

Now that spring track has began, there are many new milestones that Manhasset Track is aiming to achieve. There is no doubt that there will be another amazing season to come.