Manhasset Girls Varsity Soccer Dreams Big in 2014


Caitlin Anderson, Writer

After two months of creating bonds like a family, the Girls Manhasset Varsity Soccer team’s journey came to an end. The team fought hard throughout the entirety of the season to make it to the second round of playoffs, which has only been done once in the program’s history.


After suffering shaky losses against New Hyde Park and Cold Spring Harbor halfway through the season, the group of twenty-seven girls united under senior captains Danielle Nicosia, Kathryn Hallett, Chelsea Taylor, and Sydney Blanche, and topped other towns in their division including Clarke, New Hyde Park, North Shore, Cold Spring Harbor, and Valley Stream North. To end the season, the team came in first for their division with an outstanding 18 points, with five wins, two losses, and three ties. With this first place ranking comes a ‘14 on the Girls Soccer banner in the Manhasset High School Gymnasium.


When reflecting on the season, the dedicated and beloved Coach Keen said, “Surprisingly, it took a loss for a first place team to truly come together. Despite many of the great memories of the season I think losing to New Hyde Park and having thought, at the time, that we also lost the division motivated us to step up and go on a great run to finish the season. I’m extremely proud of all the team accomplished and while we are losing a great group of seniors I am confident that we will continue to progress as a program next year with the great core we are bringing back.”


With five incredibly skilled freshmen on the team during the 2014 season, there is no doubt that this program will develop and continue to create an intimidating reputation in the years to come. After many tears when the season came to an end, the girls remembered that the wins and losses are not important, but rather the memories they make on the field and the bonds they create together.

The girls will always dream big and wish all of their seniors the best of luck for next year.