Manhasset Football Pulls Through Again

Manhasset Football Pulls Through Again

Sophia Vlahakis

It’s certainly safe to say that the 2018 Manhasset Varsity Football Team just doesn’t give up. Manhasset was seeded 6th when they defeated Mepham, the two seed, on Saturday afternoon with a final score of 24-21. This is the team’s fourth consecutive win and second upset of the season. During the game, questionable and missed calls only seemed to motivate the team.

With a slow start in the first quarter, Mepham scored a touchdown, but an interception by Stefano Troia proved that Manhasset was anxious to get on the board. Things started to pick up in the second quarter when captain Steven Vlahakis recovered a fumble, followed by a pass from quarterback Tim Barrett to Peter Lapina for a first down. Alex Papadakos carried the momentum with a 43-yard field goal, continuing his superb performance. The motivation of the team was continuous throughout the second quarter. After a penalty on Manhasset for pass interference, Manhasset responded with intensity when captain Ross Tortora intercepted a pass. A pass from Barrett to Lapina, that all started from a recovered fumble on the ten-yard line, led Lapina to run 82 yards for a touchdown. The half ended with the score of 10-7 with Manhasset on top.

Manhasset knew starting the third quarter that they had a long way to go as they were only leading by a field goal and were pitted against a strong defensive and offensive line. A touchdown from Mepham led Aidan Mulholland to score a 71-yard touchdown off a kick off return. The score remained 17-14 throughout the quarter. Pressure from the defensive line on the quarterback, fumbles and broken up passes proved to be a game changer in this close game. Even before the game was close to over, it was clear that in any game, a team is only as strong as its defense.

The fourth quarter was tense but Manhasset was able to maintain the lead. After Mepham got the ball back off an interception, Manhasset responded with an interception as well. As Mepham looked to make their way downfield, captain Derek Mulholland intercepted a pass and ran for a touchdown extending Manhasset’s lead 24-14. With another touchdown from Mepham, Manhasset got the ball back and held on until the game ended. One could say that the success of the team was unexpected after they lost their first two games. However, Manhasset seems to have found their stride. Now 4-2, it’s clear this team is doing whatever they can to win. It’s not just the talent on the field, but also the determination of the team that is fueling the success of Manhasset Football.