It’s Not About Me, It’s About The Team

imagesOn Friday afternoon, September 5, Manhasset High School athletes and coaches had the privilege of hearing from Colonel Arthur J. Athens of the United States Navel Academy. As a father of ten children and a lacrosse player himself, he is no stranger to the world of sports. Colonel Athens played for the Navy lacrosse team in college and continues to coach both high school and college players across the country. Throughout his many years in sports he found that the key methods to a successful team is to ask yourself the following questions: who do I play for, who do I care about on the team, and what am I willing to sacrifice for the team? He believes that if an athlete is able to answer these questions, then he possesses the ability to turn a good team into a great team. His belief is that when we focus on the team instead of ourselves, not only will the team be successful but we will also be able to grow as individuals. By referencing sports movies such as “Miracle” and “Rudy”, Colonel Athens was able to connect with students and instill within them the tools to become true team players. All of the athletes left the talk with a greater understanding of how their actions affect their teammates, their coaches and the spectators. I am sure that the Manhasset athletes will continue to implement the methods stressed by Colonel Athens and will be great leaders on and off the field. Best of luck to all the athletes this year. Go Indians!