From strip clubs to the Olympics

Bryce Thalheimer

Pole-dancing is a combination of both dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical pole. Pole-dancing is widespread, as it can be found in numerous gentleman’s clubs as an erotic dance. And in a few years, it can be found in the Olympic Games.

Image result for International Pole Dancing CompetitionThe sport has recently become recognized by the Global Association of International Sports Federation and has been granted the “observer status.” This is the first step before it will be able to become a full member of the association, which significantly increases its chances to land a spot in the Olympics.

“Pole Sports is a performance sport combining dance and acrobatics on a vertical pole. Pole Sports requires great physical and mental exertion, strength and endurance are required to lift, hold and spin the body. A high degree of flexibility is needed to contort, pose, demonstrate lines and execute techniques.”

This was wrImage result for International Pole Dancing Competitionitten on the association’s website, which accurately depicts pole-dancing as a sport. Even though the journey to becoming an Olympic Sport will be long as strenuous, the International Pole Sports Federation believes that they will succeed eventually. The President of the International Pole Sports Federation, Katie Coates, stated that the decision made by the association was historical, as it has greatly changed the perspective of pole dancing.

“The IPSF [International Pole Sports Federation] is very proud to have taken this positive step towards official recognition and the GAISF [Global Association of International Sports Federation] Observer Status will give our sport the opportunity to develop further, on the national and on the international stage.”

Throughout the past several years, pole-dancing has transitioned from an overlooked activity to a potentially Olympic sport. The sport has gone from an erotic dance at strip clubs to a competitive sport, which may make its way to the Olympic stage.