Farewell to the Mets Captain

Sophia Vlahakis


David Wright has not played in a professional baseball game for over two years, but that is about to change. On September 29th, the Mets will play the Miami Marlins, and the Mets captain will step up to plate for the last time. 

Wright, who was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a degenerative back condition, has not played since 2016. Since then, Wright has been in rehab but it has become clear that he, unfortunately, will not return as a full-time third baseman. 

David Wright prepares for his last game coming off a rehab assignment with the St. Lucie Mets and Las Vegas 51’s. Tickets prices for Wright’s last game at Citi Field have risen drastically, and the 35-year old’s number is already under consideration for being retired. 

Any Mets fan knows how crucial Wright has been to the Mets program. He is as meaningful to the Mets as Derek Jeter was to the Yankees. Wright led the Mets to the playoffs three times and is a seven-time all-star, a two-time Gold Glover and a Silver Slugger Award recipient. He also holds various franchise records, including most RBIs in a season and runs scored. Wright has been with the Mets since he was drafted in 2001, right out of high school. He had a career that can be nothing but praised and has exceeded the expectations set for him by any Mets fan.

September 29th is sure to be a historic day for New Yorkers and baseball fans everywhere, as they prepare to say goodbye to one of New York’s most beloved athletes.