Disappointing Fall for New York Sports Fans

Scott Butler, Staff Writer

This fall has been a bad time to be a New York sports fan. Disappointment has overwhelmed fans, beginning with the Yankees’ failure to reach the World Series. They seemed poised for success, only to lose to the Astros during the Championships. This was a blow to fans but also a record of sorts. It meant the Yankees are finishing the decade without a single trip to the World Series. The last time this happened was during the 1910’s.

It’s an understatement to say that football hasn’t been promising so far this season. Most notably, the Jets November 3 loss to the previously winless Miami Dolphins has been a source of huge embarrassment for fans. Headlines have called it the “ugliest loss in years”, “rock bottom”, and “a new level.” Coach Adam Gase was hired as an offensive guru but the team is now 1-7. Fans chanted, “Fire Gase!” as he left the field after the Miami defeat. Miami is widely regarded as the NFL’s worst team so the loss was particularly humiliating. The Giants, at 2-7, aren’t faring much better although the organization is perceived as much more solid that the Jets. Fans are frustrated with Coach Pat Shurmur and many are questioning his ability. However, he’s not facing the kind of criticism that Gase is up against. The two teams will meet on Sunday, November 10th. Neither team wants to be known as the worst team in New York so the pressure is real. However, a Giants loss to the Jets would be considered devastating, given the disarray in the entire Jets organization. The teams only play each other during the regular season once every four years. A game between two hometown teams should be an exciting moment for New Yorkers since it’s so rare. But many fans have no interest due to the state of both teams at present.

Basketball isn’t helping New York pride either. The Knicks are currently at 1-6. David Fizdale’s two season record as coach is now 18-71 and fans are angry. There are 10 new players on the roster and much talk about it taking time for a new team to come together but fans are losing patience. The team’s next seven games are considered easier than those previously played so there is hope that things will change for them. The Nets began their season with five of their first seven games at home and only two games versus teams with winning records last season. It sounded promising yet they are at 3-4. Next, they head out on the road to play 5 games against harder competition.

Hockey is New York’s only bright spot at the moment, thanks to the Islanders. They have won 10 games in a row, the second longest streak in franchise history. They are currently in fourth place in the NHL. Fans are excited because winning streaks like this usually lead to the playoffs. The Rangers haven’t been as lucky. They are currently 5-6 and widely criticized for being inconsistent. They have one of the youngest roster in the NHL and performances are unpredictable.

There’s one bit of good news for fans. Somebody has to win the Jets/Giants game this weekend. So at least some New Yorkers will be happy, if only briefly.