Sophia Vlahakis

Whoever says wins count, has never seen Jacob deGrom pitch. Imagine pitching like an ace, almost twice every week from Spring to Fall and losing? The top pitchers from the AL and NL have not fallen victim to the lack of run support like deGrom has. DeGrom, arguably the best pitcher in the MLB,  has pitched this past season letting up only one or two runs. However, the Mets lost from the offense’s lack of hitting whenever deGrom was on the mound. In five of his nine losses, the Mets scored two runs or less.

The righty ended his season with an ERA of 1.70 and a winning record of 10-9. Few have accomplished the pitching excellence that deGrom achieved this past season. He is only the third pitcher since 1908 to have an ERA below 2.00, less than 50 walks and at least 250 strikeouts. Additionally, deGrom has ended the season with the fifth best ERA since 1970 and has the lowest ERA for a Mets pitcher since Dwight Gooden in 1985. Also, deGrom set the record for 26 straight starts allowing only three runs or fewer.

Clearly, deGrom is one of the best starting pitchers in the MLB, but no starting pitcher has ever won the prestigious Cy Young award with fewer than 13 wins. Yet, deGrom has been one of the most talked about baseball players since the beginning of the season because his average day is anything but average. Pitchers in the past who have won the Cy Young, always had the run support to drive in runs while they were on the mound. However in deGrom’s case, while he was busy striking out batters, he was also producing in the batter’s box. He was hitting RBI’s, getting on base, and essentially doing what his offense could not do for him in the past few weeks on many occasions.

Jake ends his season with a winning record, making his case even stronger for being named the NL Cy Young winner. However, even if he had lost his last start, deGrom would still have been the best candidate. There are great pitchers like Chris Sale, Justin Verlander, and Aaron Nola who are also in the Cy Young discussion for the AL and NL, but deGrom is most deserving out of all of them. His ability to get batters out in tight situations, even in later innings, demonstrates his talent. Wins are nice, and to some people, the best pitcher has the most wins,  but any strong offensive team can score runs. The Yankees scored their runs this season by getting hits from sluggers like Aaron Judge, Neil Walker, and Giancarlo Stanton. A game where the final score is 8-7 is not a result of great pitching, but great hitting. The takeaway from the  2018 season is that Jacob deGrom has had one of the most dominant seasons by a pitcher of all time. If number 48 does not win Cy Young, there will be a whole lot of explaining to do.