When can I get my PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X?


Sambhav Jain

As demand for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X is still on the rise, availability of the Ps5 and Xbox Series X does not meet the demand. Furthermore, many major retail stores such as Walmart, Bestbuy, Target, Amazon, Costco, etc have no availability in stores but have specific timings where consumers can purchase these consoles online. For instance, a representative from Walmart stated that there was limited availability on February 25th, from 12 pm EST to 3 pm EST. There were several past events such as these where consumers could buy these next-gen consoles at a given day and time, however, many major retailers’ websites crashed. Millions of consumers were also outraged since they tried to obtain these consoles but miserably failed. Moving on, there are several projected restocks for the Ps5 and Xbox Series X in mid-March. Retail stores such as Target have unexpected restockings but retail stores like Walmart and Sony Direct usually announce restock a week prior. However, it is going to be very difficult to get your hands on these next-gen consoles since millions are still waiting to get one for themselves. Scalpers, people who utilize bots to obtain a massive supply of consoles, are also very active during these restock dates to make a quick buck by reselling these consoles on sites such as eBay, StockX, etc. Many also wonder when the supply of these next-gen consoles won’t be an issue, but there is no exact estimation. However, according to several sites, consumers will be able to walk in stores and obtain their Ps5 or Xbox Series X by May. As the demand for these consoles is still at its peak, consumers will do anything to get their hands on one of these consoles.