Harlem Wizards Visit Manhasset


Jackson Kang (writer) and Ralph Matamoros (pictures)

The world famous Harlem Wizards came to Manhasset on Friday, November 1st to face the Manhasset staff, teachers, and administrators. The event took place at 7:00 pm in the high school gym. All proceeds will benefit Manhasset CASA programs. For 58 years, the Harlem Wizards have been stunning crowds with their amazing skills on the court, while raising $3,000,000 in the process for schools and non-profit organizations. 

Founded in 1962 by Howie Davis, a native of Rockaway, NY, the Wizards have been touring all 50 states and many countries. They do fundraising events for schools and non-profit organizations and are good partners with the Dream Factory. The Dream Factory is a children’s organization that strives to provide hope and relief from the corresponding stress that both children with chronic illness and their families can endure on a day-to-day basis. Unlike focusing on winning games, their aim is to entertain the crowds using a variety of basketball tricks, like the alley hoop and slam dunk. The Wizards are also a comedy basketball team and often get the crowd involved, like bringing children on the court for a trick or comedy act. 

Don’t forget to buy tickets on their website for future events on https://www.harlemwizards.com/