The End of the Nightmare on Samsung Street

It's the end of the road for the troubled Samsung Galaxy Note 7!

Michael Bakshandeh, Editor-in-Chief, Entertainment, Science, and Technology

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After two months filled with recalls, several notable phone explosions, and serious hits to Samsung’s credibility, Samsung has decided to try to salvage their reputation by officially terminating the production and sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung, the world’s largest producer of smartphones, seems to have been producing phones very rapidly, but also appears to be losing them just as quickly. A recent September recall pertaining to overheating batteries, fires, and sporadic explosions was blamed on the provider of the lithium batteries. Samsung decided to issue another recall yesterday (Monday October 10th). This recall was sparked after people started complaining that their replacement phones were sporadically exploding as well. Retailers were told to stop selling the defective phones pending investigation. In addition, all users of the Galaxy Note 7 were advised to power down and immediately stop using their phone.

However, this second recall was short-lived. The first recall undeniably caused a massive loss in credibility for Samsung. It was inevitable, therefore, that concerns immediately rose about how reliable Samsung could possibly be after the second recall. What would happen if Samsung couldn’t fix the phones again? Would a third recall have to be issued? In the wake of these questions, rumors began to spread about the Galaxy Note 7’s ultimate demise. These rumors quickly transformed into a reality. Less than 24 hours after the recall, Samsung officially announced that it planned to cease production of the troubled phone. Citing customer safety as the priority, the official statement was the end of a very tough road for the Galaxy Note 7.

The Samsung recalls are a major setback for Samsung’s reputation and net worth. It is estimated that it will be a costly recall for Samsung, as Samsung’s stock has already tumbled 8% after 2 days. Estimates of the overall cost associated with the recall crisis project up to 17 billion. One can only hope that this unfortunate situation will result in something positive — safer phones from all manufacturers!