Phoenix Hosts First-Ever Middle-School Writer’s Workshop


Ralph Matamoros, Writer

Last Thursday, The Phoenix brought new life into one of the school’s oldest clubs with its first writer’s workshop for middle-school students. As part of The Phoenix’s initiative to include middle-school students in current and future literary magazines, the club hosted a writer’s workshop to introduce students to creative writing and poetry.

Members Ivan Vuong, Liliana Espinal, and Eunice Choi led middle schoolers through various prompts while club advisors Mr. Novak and Mrs. Greenberg floated around the room, helping students with their own poetry. One of the major hits of the workshop was an exercise led by Ivan called “corpse poetry”, which involves one person writing a single line on a piece of paper, and then passing it onto another person. However, the twist is that the paper is folded as it gets passed around so that people aren’t able to see the entire poem until it gets read aloud. Public Relations manager Eunice Choi read a poem that started with the line “I love my bald dad”, which ended with the lines “Where does the hair go/in my hands”. Activities like this encourage young writers to be creative, and to see the humor and enjoyment that comes with creative writing. 

While the deadline for this year’s Karie Sit contest has passed, it’s not too late to submit work! The deadline for general art and writing submissions is Wednesday, April 1st. For more information, see Ms. Greenberg or Mr. Novak if you have any questions. Similarly, if you weren’t able to attend the writing workshop, don’t worry–based on Thursday’s success, The Phoenix is considering hosting another workshop or a similar event.

Club advisor Mrs. Greenberg said, “It was great seeing middle school students excited about creative writing. We hope to have an even larger turnout next time.”