Pandemic Puppies


Emily Theodosopoulos, Writer

The COVID-19 outbreak has influenced thousands of families across the globe to bring a puppy into their home. 

As the early weeks of the pandemic approached people realized this meant more time at home, and more time facing boredom. An idea that crossed the minds of many was to take this time to adopt a puppy. Wired News writes “The rates of fostering, in particular, have increased by 90 percent in some cities”. This popular demand has brought homes and helped thousands of pets while also improving the health of humans. People who may have been hesitant before about this big decision have now found they have what it feels like all the time in the world to train, take care of, and get to know a new member of the family. Pets are known to reduce depression, stress, anxiety, loneliness and can be a great companion to cure boredom! It seems like the perfect thing to do right now.

Although adopting a new furry friend may seem like a perfect idea, it comes with responsibility and a great cost that many did not consider before making the purchase. Before coming to the conclusion that a puppy is right for you, research and discuss with others if the pandemic puppy is a good choice. Otherwise, you may find that your best intentions may not have been met.