New Look for a New School Year!

Luke Bakshandeh

Over the past few months, there has been a significant amount of construction and changes to the Manhasset High School. Recently, I was fortunate enough to sit down with Mr. Armand Markarian, who is the Director of School Facilities for Manhasset Public Schools. We discussed the changes that have been made throughout the school along with the recently completed new administration building, which was previously the bus garage. Construction started in the fall of 2016 and continued until the end of March 2017. The total cost of the new construction of the administration building was approximately 3.2 million dollars. After this was completed, construction began this past summer on the chorus room, art room, band room, science rooms and labs, and the cafeteria(which is still ongoing). The current chorus room which was the old orchestra room was expanded to accommodate for the different choral groups. In addition, the orchestra room was relocated to the old band room. In the new orchestra room, new carpeting and an air conditioning system were installed. Furthermore, the new band room is now located in the area that was the old art room. The new band room was expanded with new carpeting and air conditioning as well. One may ask when this will be completed, and they will be happy to find out that it is estimated that the band room will be completed within the next week. The art room was moved to the third floor and construction of the art room was completed at the end of the school year last year. In the science rooms, every room was completely renovated, safety showers were installed, and 5 new labs were added. Currently, the cafeteria is being enlarged in order to provide more space for the students. This will be completed when winter break ends in the beginning of 2018. The entire cost of the construction is projected to be approximately 22.5 million dollars. There were 4 different companies, National Insulation Electrical, Palace Electric Plumbing, Hirsch Plumbing, and HVAC Central Air Corporation, who each separately did the electrical, heating, or plumbing facets of the project. After the projects were approved by the New York State Education Department, the construction necessary for the projects could be undertaken. Along with the projects listed above, Mr. Markarian stated that there are numerous future projects that will soon be undertaken. One project will be replacing all asphalt on campus during the summer of 2018. Another future project will be replacing all the current water main piping and old doors with new FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) doors. Clearly, Manhasset students have much to enjoy with the new renovations and a lot to look forward to with the future projects that will begin shortly.