Manhasset Alumni Profiles No. 6: Anna Felman, Class of 2015


Ryan Chung and Max Kim, Editor-in-Chief

As an interesting addition to our Manhasset Alumni Program, we were fortunate enough to interview Anna Felman. Unlike the other students we have spoken to, Anna chose to study abroad, and she said that this was due to her love of traveling both with her family and by herself. Because Anna’s father never had the opportunity to study abroad, he told her that she would regret not seizing the opportunity to do so. Her predilection for exploring new places, coupled with her father’s approval, allowed Anna to study at Murray Edwards College of Cambridge University in England. There, she took Art and Architecture and Photography. She also studied at the Lorenzo De Medici Institute in Florence, Italy.
Anna said that she is majoring in psychology and minoring in Italian. She would like to work for an international non-profit organization that helps people in low-income countries who have mental health issues, which is very fitting for someone so involved with traveling and psychology. Anna said that taking AP Psychology with Mr. Keen was what kindled her love for the subject and that her habits of hard work were established in Manhasset, giving her an advantage in college. She also participates in the club equestrian team, which she said was very important to her because it was a hobby she maintained since she was younger.
One of her final comments was that Manhasset will always be special to her, especially after the great deal of time she spends traveling and being away from home.

When asked for any advice for students who may consider studying abroad, she said, “I would encourage them to do! Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have so many great memories of traveling around and I can’t wait to go back. There are so many opportunities to take advantage of! If you can’t spend a year or a semester abroad there are shorter programs offered over the summer and there are even weeklong trips that involve community service work. The best advice I could give is to find the school where you feel happiest. Don’t let other people choose for you, go where you know you will thrive!”