How are Manhasset Clubs helping small businesses that were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?


Sambhav Jain

As small businesses need additional help to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic the Manhasset Marketing Club is devoted to helping businesses get back on their feet. The Manhasset Marketing Club, founded by Sambhav Jain, is partnering with businesses to help market their services or products.The Manhasset Marketing Club, also helps members obtain practical marketing experience through collaborations with top-tier companies(sourced through Cornell Marketing Organization and Manhasset parents’ and alumni business connections). According to Sambhav Jain,  “Through our partnership with Cornell Marketing Organization, high school students will work with college students to gain tremendous business acumen as well as real-world marketing experience. MMC is also connected with corporations such as For Five, House of Diamonds, McDonald’s, Under Armour, etc. We participate in national competitions in which members can participate to gain marketing acumen and recognition for their achievements. This is the only club in Manhasset history to be partnered or connected with an Ivy league school and major corporations!Cornell Marketing Organization has already agreed to sponsor this club wholeheartedly and has pledged to collaborate with it on marketing and consulting projects to benefit the club’s members. Moreover, this club is very unique in that it will expose students to the marketing world, which is a very useful field today, and which will help students in their careers. Through our confirmed partnership with Cornell Marketing Organization, we can also gain access to their funding for projects if need be. Through the partnership, members will also be working with well-established companies as well as groundbreaking startups. Furthermore, this will help members by connecting them with companies such as McDonald’s, Under Armour, Cinnabon, Make a Wish, Five Guys, House of Diamonds, and many more successful companies. Furthermore, we have talked with Cornell Marketing Organization and they have agreed to collaborate with us to teach us marketing skills they have learned during their time and through their studies at Cornell, through their marketing internships, and through marketing projects, they have completed. This club will be extremely useful to Manhasset students since they will be able to supplement their excellent academic education with practical marketing experience through collaboration with numerous startups and billion-dollar private and public companies. Manhasset Marketing Club will partner with these companies through its partnership with Cornell Marketing Organization and its direct and strong relationship with the Former Founder, Chairman, and President of Cornell Marketing Organization, Arihant Jain, and current President, Zeke Uriel. Both Arihant Jain and Zeke Uriel will serve as great resources in moving the Manhasset Marketing Organization forward. We have already established partnerships with brilliant private and public companies that will help Manhasset Marketing Organization members develop tremendously as marketing students. Lastly, this club provides a whole new value-add to Manhasset High School students which has never been provided before through corporate experience. This club is not to be confused with other business/finance clubs at Manhasset High School as this will solely focus on marketing and consulting and help students develop their ability to develop corporate marketing strategies, execute marketing plans and initiatives, and understand consumer motivation, psychology, and the neuroscience behind consumer purchases.” Mainly, MMC club members will complete marketing projects through collaborating with Cornell Marketing Organization and subsidiary companies. Cornell Marketing Organization will assign weekly marketing readings and corporate project assignments which will further students’ marketing knowledge and experience. We will communicate with partner companies and Cornell Marketing Organization through video calls, emails, and conference phone calls. The workload is guaranteed to be very rigorous yet manageable and at a high-school/college level. The Manhasset Marketing Club will educate members through a complete marketing education series through inviting guest speakers(including the former Founder and President of Cornell Marketing Organization and other members as well as Cornell Marketing professors and students’ parents in the marketing industry). Some guest speakers include Ari Jain, Chief Marketing Officer at House of Diamonds, and video calls with Cornell professors, such as Professor Adam Walden. This will give students insight into the marketing and business worlds and help them develop themselves to excel in these areas later in their careers. Our goal is to make meaningful connections with other like-minded members as well as guest lecturers, including parent marketing executives and guest professors from nearby universities to jumpstart our marketing knowledge, experience, and careers. Furthermore, the Manhasset Marketing Club will hold monthly club competitions that can further develop the understanding of members in marketing knowledge. Currently, the Manhasset Marketing Club is running a charitable drive for the Salvation Army to help those in need during these difficult times. We will donate household goods to achieve this feat. Furthermore, we will have a designated box for donations in school where students can drop off any items they want. Alongside this drive, the Manhasset Marketing Club is currently partaking in the Paradigm Challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to solve a pressing global issue with an effective, creative, feasible, and original product. Students will work in teams, and doing so will foster creativity, build trust, and encourage healthy risk-taking. Manhasset Marketing Club is dedicated to serving our local community by developing community-based initiatives that will help our members and small businesses, so join today!