House Bill to Combat Big Tech


A number of bills were recently pushed through the House of Representatives in order to address concerns involving Big Tech companies such as Amazon, Google, and Apple. The most provocative of these bills was one that specifically targeted the suppression of potential rivals by these Big Tech companies. This particular suppression came in the form of favoritism in which companies push platforms or products that they own, such as Google pushing YouTube, to the top of the search results in order to give their products an unfair advantage over rivals. These bills have been spurred in reaction to a recent investigation conducted by the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel which came to the conclusion that Big Tech companies are experiencing levels of power similar to those of past monopolies and are preventing fair competition. In response to the allegations, the companies claim that they have always engaged in fair competition and that their success is only a result of how beneficial their products are to the consumers. Opponents of the bill argue that it would greatly worsen the average consumer experience. However, the bill only prevents unfair conduct which is why both parties in the House of Representatives are supporting the bill. With both parties so politically divided on most issues, this rare unity should be America’s waking call to do something serious about tech monopolization before it is too late.