Be on the Lookout for 2018: New York’s First Dog Cafe


Doggies Boris and Horton Enjoying the Cafe Atmosphere

Tracy Wang

Another year has passed, and the upcoming 2018 is a great transition to try new things, set resolutions, and follow them! However, there is one event that may excite all dog lovers. New York City’s first dog cafe, Boris and Horton just opened up in East Village! Located at 195 Avenue A in the Big Apple, get pumped sipping on lattes with your best buds. On the corner of East 12 and Avenue A, this haven of kisses and cuddles are bound to steal your heart with neighborhood dogs. The cafe is separated into two parts. One half consisting of the cafe and wine bar while the other half is puppy-friendly; a perfect playtime for the pooches and relaxation time for the owners. The animal rights supportive cafe is founded for a great time to enjoy some beverages and satisfy your eyes with adorable dogs. Who wouldn’t want to eat and drink with “Man’s Best Friends?” Start the new year right with a fun city trip!