“Paint Night” Offers a Brush With Greatness


Ralph Matamoros, Writer

The Art Honor Society hosted their second annual paint night this past Thursday night. Through the efforts of Ms. Panullo and Art Honor Society members, this event provided people with a chance to try something new and discover the joy of painting.

Because this was the Art Honor Society’s second paint night, the event had significantly improved since last year’s paint night. This year’s event provided people with two choices: they could follow a walkthrough led by Art Honor Society member Rachel O’Day, or they could choose to free paint. At last year’s event, Kaylynn Chen led people through a landscape scene, but that didn’t stop people from choosing to paint what they wanted. People were given more room for creativity this year, which is always a great thing to see at a paint night.

At the paint night, Rachel O’Day led us through a landscape of a pond with trees and a mountain range behind it. Most people chose to follow the walkthrough, while a few people added their own artistic touches. Junior Olivia Robson carefully added a pterodactyl and the Loch Ness monster onto her painting, saying “It’s so freeing.”. Social studies teacher Ms. O’Malia and her daughter also came to the paint night, describing it as “a wonderful event”. If you’re a student or a staff member, going to an event like this with friends or family creates fun memories you can look back on in the future. 

The event cost $15 to attend, a $5 increase since last year’s paint night. Although you might be reluctant to pay that price, the cost not only covered canvases and art materials, but it also included food and drinks. Similar paint nights hosted by art studios and other small businesses cost anywhere from $25 to $55 depending on the type of project, so the Art Honor Society’s paint night offers a quality event at an affordable price if you’re interested in art. Rachel O’Day encourages everyone to come to a paint night, saying “Paint Night is a fun and relaxing night for everyone in the community. A lot of people enjoy doing it.”