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Why Nuclear Power Plants have Energy Officials Dubbing Them as “Endangered Species”!

Jonathan Kim

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A senior official of America’s greatest nuclear power plant company, Exelon, predicts a non-productive future for the nuclear power facilities and the nuclear energy market.

“The fact is – and I don’t want my message to be misconstrued in this part – I don’t think we’re building any more nuclear plants in the United States. I don’t think it’s ever going to happen,” says William Von Hoene at the annual U.S. Energy Association’s meeting in Washington, D.C.  “I’m not arguing for the construction of new nuclear plants. They are too expensive to construct, relative to the world in which we now live.”

Across the United States, Exelon owns only 23 nuclear reactors.  Despite this low number of nuclear power plants, they still count for approximately 20% of the United States’ electricity production.  Although many believe that nuclear power plants are a bridge to a more carbon-free goal, Von Hoene understands that there is definitely a negative connotation because of the chemical ability of a nuclear reactor to decimate cities if it is not contained correctly, as seen in the devastating Chernobyl accident.

The sheer size and the security necessary to contain and correctly monitor each nuclear reactor are the two major factors that Von Hoene believes makes nuclear energy “an endangered species,” leaving questions for the future of energy and its renewability.  The cost itself of millions of dollars poses huge implications on the economy, and the maintenance is also high in expense as well.

“Only time will tell whether Exelon and nuclear energy will continue to survive throughout this 21st century,” says Von Hoene.  And indeed, time and feelings towards these massive power plants will indicate the future of nuclear energy.

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Why Nuclear Power Plants have Energy Officials Dubbing Them as “Endangered Species”!