Unsettling Weather Patterns Confusing Many

Quinn Reinhardt

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As of late, one of the most controversial issues over which Americans remain divided is climate change.  Admittedly, I do not know enough about the subject to formulate an opinion, but all I know is what I have been observing, and it has been perplexing.


In winters past, it is typical that New York has snow on the ground by the holidays, and oftentimes as early as Thanksgiving.  In past years, the snowy season has extended from as early as late November to as late as early March. However, as can be observed, this has not been the case for the past few years. In 2017, the temperature on Thanksgiving reached as high as the 50s in some areas.  This is unusual and was also seen around the holidays.


Based on average temperatures, it seems as though the seasons themselves are shifting, with late fall feeling like early fall in previous years, early winter like late fall, and so on.  There has even been snow in the spring of 2018, which is very late as far as snowfall goes.


As far as the reason behind this bizarre happening, I am not sure, and neither are some scientists.  Some claim that this is a direct result of humans and fossil fuels, but others maintain that the Earth goes through unexplainable climate cycles, and this is one of them.


With all justifications aside, I think it could be universally agreed that the seasons are not functioning as they usually do, and the topic may become more of a pressing issue in the future.

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