“The lightest iPad. Ever.”

As Apple says, "Change is in the Air."


As Apple says, “Change is in the Air.” A little play on words by Apple maybe, the iPad Air 2 is now 18% thinner and only 0.96 pounds. This makes the iPad Air 2 a good addition to the iPad family.  However, this attractive tablet comes at a price.

A significant price increase compared to other iPad models, many are wondering if this jump in price is proportional to the iPad Air 2’s new features.

The 16GB iPad Air 2 is $499, a whole $100 more than the 16GB iPad Air and the 16GB iPad mini 3.  That $100 price difference remains as capacity increases, but the iPad Air 2 offers something the iPad Air did not.  The iPad Air 2 is available with a capacity of 128GB.  The iPad Air only went up to 32GB.  However, unlike its predecessors, the iPad Air 2 does not offer a 32GB option for capacity.

Here are some added features in the new iPad Air 2 that are not present in the iPad Air/iPad minis:

  • Slo-mo video – a coveted item among children that wasn’t in the previous iPad Air and iPad minis.
  • Touch ID – a fingerprint identity sensor that can also be found in the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Faster Wi-Fi – more than double the Wi-Fi speed on the iPad Air.
  • iSight camera – the “best iPad camera yet,” improvements have been made to both the back and front-facing cameras.

iOS 8, as mentioned in a previous review, is the new operating system from Apple.  It is “designed to work seamlessly with iPad Air 2.”  The iPad Air 2 was available for pre-order October 17, and went on sale just in time for Black Friday.  Best Buy and Target are sold out online, something expected to happen to many more stores on Cyber Monday.