The iPhone 6: A Different Perspective

The iPhone 6: A Different Perspective

The iPhone 6, we’ve all heard of it, all speculated it, and all created opinions on Apple’s latest creation. Perhaps you’ve “researched” the generic features of this phone. I put these in quotations, because I know, most of you look at the screen size being 4.7” for the regular 6, and 5.5” for the 6 Plus as the main feature, but how much more do you really know? We know the sleekness of this new phone, which seems paper thin at 6.9mm for the 6, and 7.1mm for the 6 Plus. We also might know about the high-resolution screen. I have a feeling that most of us are too lazy to read further and acknowledge more than just the large bold words summing up the new iPhone.

We’ve all seen either the Apple commercials or the web design slogan, “Bigger than Bigger”. The question is, how big is too big? Though Apple’s competitors have already created much larger-screened devices, Apple has gradually moved toward a screen much like its competitors. Now, lets take a deeper look into the much called “perfect phone” reachability.

One thing I’ve noticed while getting familiar with this phone is its ease of use. For example, the sleep button is no longer at the top, which could get inconvenient at times. Instead, the power button on the iPhone 6 is located on the right side of the phone. I found this extremely useful because when I hold the phone (usually in my left hand), my index finger naturally grips the phone in the area where the sleep button is. Now, with a simple push in a comfortable position, I can instantly turn on my phone. Alright, so what about the camera on the new iPhone? It’s specs are sited as 1080p HD at 60 fps, 240-fps slo-mo, and time-lapse video. What does all this mean? With a lot of unnecessary technicalities, this means that the camera is clearer than ever.

One thing I found was a downgrade from the 5S was how this camera juts out from the phone itself, leaving me to worry I paid $300 for a scratched up camera. Though I usually don’t put cases on Apple’s phones, it was necessary for this phone. I usually don’t like to put cases on these phones because Apple spends so much time on the design to make it elegant and sleek. But, with all these rumors about the drop test and cracked screen, I figured that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Wait, so how true are these rumors? How come people started complaining about phones bending? Have they even tried it on phones before the iPhone 6? I also thought that all the phones before the iPhone 6 cracked. Maybe we were trying to see if Apple fixed this major issue. Guess not. If we keep analyzing issues we have already discovered, how can we move past this and look at the actual software of this phone, and the brilliance in technology and usefulness? The iPhone 6 is no longer just an iPhone, but so much more, analyzing personal health, security, and computer functions…the list is really endless. So then one question remains: why don’t we opt for Samsung? It has some pretty neat features if we look at it. The Samsung phones are waterproof, dust resistant, and has a child lock feature, all of which Apple’s latest iPhone does not. I personally believe it’s the way Apple markets its products. Don’t get me wrong; I’m in the same boat as you are, buying every new phone Apple markets. Apple knows what the consumer wants: the edge, the simplicity, and the sleekness are necessary for a successful product. They already created their name, with a little help from their consumers, but they constantly want to expand their range. Apple doesn’t need to market as much anymore. Advertising was important when the company first started, but now the consumers basically cover marketing for them. Consumers are always spreading the word of new products to one another, and so many of Apple’s consumers write reviews and blogs. By buying Apple’s products and constantly using them, we’re basically walking billboards much like any other branded thing.