The Fastest Man-Made Object in History

Ella Wesson

When the Parker Probe was launched in August of 2018, it started on a month’s long journey towards the sun in order to gain more data regarding the atmospheric makeup of our star. Not only is this the first probe sent by NASA towards the sun, but it also set a new record this past week, as it became the fastest man-made object in history.

According to NASA, the record was set Monday at 10:28 PM, with the probe reaching speeds 213,000 miles per hour. In addition to setting new speed records, it also must survive extremely treacherous conditions during its fly-bys through the atmosphere of the sun. As it nears the star, it will be forced to endure temperatures in excess of 3.6 million degrees Fahrenheit.

The possibilities of information that this probe may collect are endless. As technology advances, we can find out more and more every day about the solar system that surrounds us.