Siri the Savior

Michael Bakshandeh, Senior Technology Editor

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Most people hear about Siri and they groan in disgust. Siri turns on every time she’s not supposed to, they say. Siri doesn’t listen to anything the user is saying. Siri’s favorite lines are “Sorry, I didn’t get that” and “I found this on the web.” Those few times that Siri works are incredible achievements. For one teenager in Tennessee, Siri worked and was able to save his life.

It was an afternoon in July, and Sam Ray was fixing some loose bolts on his truck. He was just about to finish fixing the truck when it collapsed on him. His left arm was jammed under the truck, but his right arm was free. He used this arm to bang a tire iron against the vehicle without any luck. Nobody was home, and nobody could possibly hear him. He needed a miracle. A few prayers later, his miracle came.

Siri turned on out of nowhere (how typical), but her presence was welcome. After a few attempts, Ray was able to dial 911. The dispatcher thought Ray called 911 by accident, but she heard screams in the background. Realizing that there was a real emergency, the dispatcher was able to use his phone to find out what street Ray was on. Help arrived shortly after.

Ray was under the truck for a total of 40 minutes. He suffered from 2 broken ribs, a bruised kidney, cuts, a burn on his left arm, and a concussion, but he is currently thanking the stars for his luck. Rick Miller, chief of trauma and surgical care in Vanderbilt, says, “Sometimes these crushing injuries can be devastating and can kill you. I’ve never heard of a story where you can figure out a way to use Siri to call 911 and get yourself rescued.” Rick Miller, you’re not the only person to think that: everybody is scratching their heads wondering how Siri did something useful.

Sam Ray is currently thanking God and Siri. The question remains, how will Sam Ray ever repay Siri? The answer made Apple very happy: he’s going to be an iPhone user for the rest of his life!