Hubble Space Telescope Back In Action

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Hubble, a space telescope had caused scientists troubles in the past and due to these troubles, its progress had to be paused. However, on October 26th the telescope started up again and has already made up for its abscense.

Recently Hubble has been monitoring the collision of distant galaxies, the flares around red dwarfs to see if they are of any significance and many other space related

Hubble was launched in 1990 and since then has given lots of wondorous images of the universe.  On october 5th, one of Hubble’s gyroscopes, a device that tracks the rotation speed of the telescope, had malfunctioned. Scientists tried to activate a backup gyroscope soon after the incident, but that ended up failing.

NASA spent weeks  trying to fix the telescope switching between the differnt operational modes to try and clear the blockage from the backup gyroscope’s parts. This method ended up working and the telescope has been reported to be working smoothly as of right now.

New Hubble images released by NASA include three galaxies in a cluster shaped in a smiley face. This is due to the light from one galaxy being warped by the passing of a massive object, which causes it to appear this way.

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