Google Glass Review: Is it Worth it?

Riya Gilja

We all know that technology is more advanced than ever: it’s sleek, edgy, useful, and limitless. The Google Glass allows us to comprehend the step its taking towards this direction. If you’re interested in this device, you’ll probably want to stay and listen to the story, since I will be analyzing Google Glass from a few different perspectives. Okay, so, a common thread I noticed was that everyone was complaining about the short battery life. Seems like Google forgot to mention that this amazing device only lasts around 45 minutes. Most people noticed this device on the faces of passerby, making comments like “Is that the Google Glass?” or “Can I try it on?” So it’s not exactly invisible. Though most categorize this device to being sleek, I truly wonder if this holds true since within seconds of walking into a public space, you were instantly famous because of that thing around your eyes. So far we’ve concluded that Google Glass has a horrible battery life and that it’s very noticeable. How about the features though? There’s a menu that shows the options available, including but not limited to: reminders for throughout your day, weather, travel alerts, maps along with guided imagery, interior maps to places (like the library), a camera, and so much more. Just to add a little more, you can hangout in a screen share, play games, and Live stream from your face. It needs wifi or Bluetooth to access your texts, or command back; however, the resolution makes up for this fact. Also, by clear, I mean  the equivalent of a 25 inch high definition screen from eight feet away clear. The Google Glass can carry out functions much like a computer or smartphone, but all of this comes at a great price: $1500. So, all in all, is it worth it? That’s up to you, there is one final important piece of information. Of course there are going to be a bunch of cons to this device, since it is like none other created before, but the point being is that this technology is taking us in a direction, and starting us in a place that is incredibly significant for the technology that lies in the future.  It’s the beginning of an era.