Global Warming and its Effects: Spring Rapidly Arriving

Esha Brar

     Whether we as humans want to admit it or not, global warming is rapidly becoming faster than we have ever expected. In fact, global warming has caused our typical seasons to shift in duration, and warmer seasons are approaching quicker during the year. Spring is coming earlier than it ever has in 100 years, which is somewhat alarming, and is an issue that needs to be resolved as soon as possible before more damage can occur, and destroys our world. 

     Punxsutawney Phil, a groundhog in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania was finally deemed correct after he predicted that the Northern Hemisphere would see an early spring. This year, the Spring equinox will occur on March 19th and is the earliest equinox that the Northern Hemisphere has seen in 124 years. Although it is not that big of a time span, with the equinox happening only minutes and hours earlier than in previous years, it goes to demonstrate how already, global warming is already rapidly being expressed through the changes of temperature and shifting of seasons in the earth. Although the spring equinox typically happens on March 20th and is not significant for the rest of the world, the change is very notable for scientists, and those invested in the topic of global warming and the earth becoming warmer. The fact that spring weather is coming more earlier each year demonstrates the fact that global warming continues to develop more and more each year. 

     This year, the spring equinox is happening a little earlier than expected due to different positional changes in the earth’s elliptical orbit, and the recent uneven length of seasons. However, in a report released by the US Global Change Research Program, it was discovered that the approaching spring weather is beginning much earlier in the United States than it did most of the last century.  

       As more and more areas of the US are getting warmer weeks early than in previous years, it also has detrimental effects on the organism and plant life residing there. Organisms who need to adjust to the changing seasons are rushed and the internal clocks that will them to adjust their bodies are also placed out of sync. Flowers are not blooming and birds are migrating earlier in the year, and organisms that need each other in specific seasons are now becoming lost, and in desperate need for their cycles to be restored. As spring comes faster, the warm weather will come, bringing more joy to humans, but for species, they become confused and lost, and their entire system of life is messed up. And the reason for all this? Global Warming. It is evident that clear measures need to be taken to reduce the harmful effects of global warming, but the question is, when will they be taken?