Global Climate Change Projections

Quinn Reinhardt

The climate of the Earth is continuously rising and it is believed  by many experts that by the year of 2050 the Earth will become dangerously hot.  25% of the world could become even drier than it already is if the global temperature consistently rose by two centigrade each year.  This could cause a catastrophic change to the world’s ecosystems, which could potentially result in mass extinction of organisms.  Aridification is the process by which land transforms to become a desert, and it has been revealed that 20-30% of the earth could become desert if the current rising trend of global climate were to continue.


Not only could the desertland increase at a scary rate, but other natural disasters could have a stronger presence in the world.  Droughts, rising sea level, and wildfires are also likely to occur should climate change not be effectively addressed.  These events also have to power to sharply reduce biodiversity and the quality of the land.


The US government has been encouraged to address this issue, and extreme public unhappiness was result of the US stepping out of the Paris Agreement, a measure taken by many developed countries to combat the prevalence and persistence of global climate change.