Esha Brar

           Ever since COVID-19 has been discovered, there has been a lot of uncertainty revolving around the virus, and yet a working vaccine that has been able to help to cure the virus. However, Medical News Today recently posted an article that was able to summarize a series of facts and myths regarding coronavirus, and this article is very important, especially for teenagers, in being able to understand how specifically they can contribute to prevent the spread of the virus. 

          One of the biggest conspiracies regarding COVID-19 is that children or teenagers cannot contract the virus, and that only adults and older individuals are at risk for the virus. However, this is true, because all age groups can contract the virus, however, it is typically been more prevalent with older individuals since they have preexisting health conditions, such as diabetes, and when they contract COVID-19, the virus is able to attack along with the other health conditions and cause the individual to become rapidly ill. Children are not immune to the virus, and if they develop it, they will have less severe symptoms. However, children can be the biggest carrier of the virus, and still not present symptoms. This is extremely important, since many teenagers, especially after a few months, have deemed it possible to be able to not social distance, however, they can still carry the virus, and have their other, older family members contract it. Hence, it is extremely important that all individuals are still social distancing unless extremely vital or crucial not to do so. 

           Another fiction regarding the virus is that simply wearing a mask can prevent obtaining the virus. Although the masks help greatly, especially the professional face masks, there are often aerosolized particles of COVID-19 that cannot be prevented, and can lead even a healthcare worker to develop the virus. However, even with wearing a mask, other precautions should be taken, such as not touching your face, and making sure to maintain social distancing. 

           This fiction has been a conspiracy for an extremely long amount of time, and suggested that the virus had actually originally come from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, and speculated that this was a man-made virus. However, a study suggested that the virus was not man- made, and was likely derived from Bats, or Pangolins, which are a type of anteater. Regarding bats, it is important to deny the theory as well that the virus originated from eating batsoup. This is not a true statement.

          Another concern many individuals have been having is the sending and obtaining of packages, and parcels, and whether those could potentially have corona virus germs on them. However, many scientists believe that the virus is not able to survive on the outside of these letters, or packages, due to the fact that they are shipped in many different temperatures, and the virus can not survive on surfaces, that are constantly changing, over a period of weeks or days. 

         Another fiction is that drinking bleach will be able to remove the virus from your body. PLEASE DO NOT INGEST BLEACH. This is not to be introduced into the body as it can cause extreme blood damage, and is toxic for the body. These oxidizing agents are solely beneficial to when they are present on surfaces, as opposed to on the fragile human body. It will kill you! 

         Lastly, another major fiction of the virus is that COVID-19 is exactly like the flu, or having the common cold. Although they do present many of the same symptoms, they are not entirely the same. COVID-19 is able to present many coughing and respiratory systems, and similar to the flu, can also lead to pneumonia, and in rare cases, the flu can lead to death. However, scientists have found that COVID-19 is slightly more serious, with more death rates, and an approximate mortality rate of around 6%. However, another conspiracy is that all individuals with COVID-19 die, and this is not true whatsoever. This is a very small percentage of people, and that 80.9% of the COVID-19 cases have been very normal and mild, and often do not even require treatment, rather just simple isolation and quarantine, and medicine. It also is important to note, that as of yet, there is little to no evidence that demonstrates that pets, such as dogs or cats can also spread the virus. 

         Clearly, there have been many misconceptions about the virus that have been able to become resolved, and more clear as the virus continues to develop, and as scientists were able to better understand the dynamic and pattern of the virus itself. However, even though the state has been able to clear up many of the number of cases, and that they are decreasing each day, it is still very important to follow all safety procedures. New York State has shown tremendous progress, and through unity and hope, COVID-19 will hopefully be a thing of the past sooner rather than later!


Some safety precautions: 

  • When out in public, wear a safety mask
  • Maintain 6 feet distance
  • Avoid touching face,eyes, nose, mouth surfaces, etc, until hands are washed
  • Wash hands for at least 20 seconds
  • Make sure to sanitize surfaces and areas 
  • Stay at home if presenting symptoms: coughing, sneezing, hard to breath, etc.