Environmental New Years Resolutions

Christopher Owen

A new year is upon us, so it is a great time to consider making resolutions that will help lessen the negative impact of climate change. The growing problems with our environment were especially prevalent in 2019 as worldwide temperatures spiked up, greenhouse gas emissions expanded, sea levels rose, the number of wildfires increased and waste continued to pile up in our landfills. As teenagers, there are limits to how much we can help the environment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a positive difference. Seeing how serious the consequences of inaction about climate change were last year, it is important that we change our habits as soon as possible. In 2020, consider incorporating one or more of these simple actions into your daily life to help the environment.


Reduce Single-Use Products

* Buy items that can be used more than once, such as a reusable water bottle or a tote bag.

* Instead of packing lunches in single-use brown paper and plastic bags, use a lunch box and reusable containers to save waste. 


Save Water

*Take showers under 10 minutes with cooler water instead of baths. 

*Shut off the running water in the sink while you brush your teeth.


Save Energy

* Shut off computers, phones, TV’s and lights when not in use. Electronics consume energy even

   in “sleep” mode. 

* Use dark filters on websites to reduce energy consumption. 


Save Paper

* Take notes electronically.

* Print your assignments double-sided, it saves a lot more paper.


Reduce Pollution

* Be mindful of your trash, which ends up in landfills, and recycle.

* Try biking and walking more often instead of getting a ride or using a car-sharing service.


Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

* Eat less meat and dairy. Add more plants into your diet.

* Read labels to support eco-friendly, fair trade and cruelty-free brands.


As you can see, there are many simple actions you can take to help combat climate change. Every small action taken matters. In the new year, we can all pitch in and make a positive difference to our environment.