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“Ektra”? Don’t you mean “Extra”? It may look like a typo, but rest assured, this article has gone through the editorial process. The Kodak Ektra is coming to the market and is about to revolutionize the technological world.

And now, anticipating your next question: Kodak Ektra, what’s that??

Before I answer that question, here’s a little background about Kodak. This company’s name has been synonymous with pictures and photography forever. There is also an old pop song by Paul Simon about the “Kodachrome”, and photographs are still called the Koda
k moment around the world. Kodak was one of the world’s leading photography companies and formerly one of the original Dow 30 stocks.  As time progressed, Kodak the giant seemed to diminish its impact on the technological world.

So what happened to Kodak? The computer chip revolutionized how photographs were taken, stored, and edited. My father’s reminiscent stories as a junior photographer are enough to spark the memories of the good old Kodak. Part of the artistry of photography was to be able to develop your own pictures and to change the effect of the pictures when they were taken. Also crucial to the art was altering how changing the light exposure developed the photographs. Kodak also supplied all of the products for this, as well as including the photographic paper.
Then came the iPhone and, all of a sudden, phones were equipped with cameras. Long gone were the days of needing to carry around a cumbersome camera. Photographers who still yearn for clarity and resolution in pictures, unfortunately, find the cameras in the phones to be less than satisfactory in meeting their needs. Better pictures are still taken with the “real” cameras that don’t come on the smartphones.

To market economists, it appeared that Kodak missed the boat on the digital revolution. The computer chip and the new software revolutionized the way all photographs were taken and processed. The company actually had to go into bankruptcy and has been struggling to emerge from it.


Sample photograph taken with the Kodak Ektra

That is, until now. Finally, Kodak is back in the saddle. The Kodak Ektra is the answer to the photographer looking for a camera first and a phone second. It has a magnificent 21-megapixel resolution and five different settings that allow the photographer to manually adjust the camera for different effects. It also has an automatic setting with very advanced software. Android technology has been built into the cameras, so the device can also be used as a mobile phone.

In case you were wondering, the Ektra also boasts outstanding video capturing. With 4K Video Capture, every moment captured will be as clear as when you first saw it. The camera also has optical image stabilization and auto focus, ensuring that even the most sudden of moments captured are crystal-clear.

Internally, the Ektra has a leading Helio X-20 Decacore Processor, a 3000 mAh (milli amphere-hours) battery, a 3GB RAM, and an incredible 32GB of memory, obviously excluding MicroSD cards.

Probably one of the best features about the Ektra is that it has unmatched photo-editing software built into the phone (not that it needs to be improved at 21 megapixels!). The Ektra allows users to edit photos anywhere with Snapseed, a top-of-the-line photo editing software that enables users to enhance photos for even better quality and also apply filters.

While it is bulkier than a typical mobile phone of today’s society, this should not be a significant factor in choosing a phone with a clearly superior camera. The Ektra is actually modeling after the classic Kodak look used for their phone, so the slight increase in bulk is more of a perk than a drawback. The pricing is less than an iPhone, starting at around $550.

EKTRA, EKTRA, read all about it, Kodak is back in the game!!