4 Great Free Apps for School

It’s the beginning of a new school year: new classes, new teachers, and new challenges. To help overcome these arduous tasks, you can uses apps from your phone to help ease the load of school work and make the year go smoother. These are a few of the many apps that can help make this year a little easier:

Dropbox: Dropbox is a great tool to help you organize and store projects and documents on the cloud. It gives you 2 Gigabytes of free storage, which means that it can store plenty of information. You can access your Dropbox account no matter whichdropbox_logo computer you are on, which makes it all the more useful. Folders can also be created to make sure all your files are organized for each class.The best part is that this amazing app is actually free!

Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a free app that helps you understand the new math material you learn in class every day. Khan academy has math lessons ranging from Kindergarten math all the way to Calculus. Khan Academy shows you how to do problems step by step. Many examples are given to make sure you understand how to complete the problem. There is even audio for all of the videos which helps increase the understanding of the problem even more. You can also access Khan academy from any computer.

30/30: 30/30 is a simple but effective time management app. This app helps you manage your time efficiently. Before you start your homework, you can select the amount of time you think you will need to complete each subject. Then you must race against the clock the complete each subject in time. In essence, this will ensure that you complete your homework in a timely fashion. This app is also free so you can try it out without a cost.

Flipboard: Need help keeping up with current events? Look no further. With Flipboard you can swipe through hundreds of news stories that are tailored to the topic you are interested in. Its interactive layout makes news interesting to read. This app is free so you can set up your preferences for what topics you like and start reading.